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What is Programming?

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Suppose I asked you to add the numbers 5 and 6. What would you do? Normally you would reply 11. But wait a moment here, go back to the time just in-between my question and your answer. What happened right there? Think about it. Your mind did the actual calculation. It took some number (5) and some other number (6) and added them and produced the result (11). After this process, you came to know that the answer was 11. But you wouldn’t have been able to know the answer if you didn’t previously know the process of adding two numbers. 

Your knowledge of adding two numbers is something like this (even if it’s not, then at least pretend that it is). It takes some number called x and some other number called y, and then it adds them, creating a sum.

And when you saw my question, some number called x became some number called 5 and some number called y became some number called 6. And your mind created the sum by applying its previous knowledge of adding two numbers. And also, if you have noticed that this process happened very speedily.

But, it’s not that when you were born you inherently came with this knowledge of adding two numbers. At some point during your life, someone had to teach you this. That’s the only way you could know about adding two numbers. The process that made this possible is called programming. Programming is generally the process of performing certain steps to do a task. Like here, we have added two numbers. Computer Programming refers to train a computer in such a way that it can accomplish desired tasks by performing a number of steps. A big question is how can you train a computer. How can you tell it to do what you want in certain ways?

In the beginning of this article, I asked the question of adding two numbers in English, so your mind prepared itself for an English conversation, and then you replied to the answer in English. 

And what if this happened in বাংলা? I would have asked the question in বাংলা, so your mind would prepare itself for a বাংলা conversation, and then you would reply to the answer in বাংলা. 

The same would happen if I would have a conversation in Hindi, French, Spanish, etc. 

These are all the languages of humans. What about the language of computers? For example, you might have heard about C Programming Language or Python Programming Language, etc.  It is not so daunting as one might think it is. A programming language is not anything which is super complex, it is just a tool for talking to a computer. A programming language is a language that the computer understands. If I would like to make you understand what I am saying I need to speak in a language that you understand. The same goes for the computer. If you want to give a computer certain instructions that you want it to do, you have to give the instructions in a programming language that a certain computer or machine understands. By formal definition,

programming language is a formal language comprising a set of instructions that produce various kinds of output. Programming languages are used in computer programming to implement algorithms.


At present there are more than 700 programming languages in the world, you can see a list from here. Programming Languages are great to learn because these were the core thing which made possible the greatest technological advancement we have seen and we are seeing. By learning this, you can make a machine follow your orders or instructions. Even you can make your own programming languages too. It is like a magic lamp. Once you master it, you keep creating wonders. You might have heard miracles don’t occur regularly, but with a programming language, you can make it happen every second.

So, if you don’t know programming start learning now! The next great thing is waiting for you eagerly you just need to grab it.

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