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Suggestions for learning the Python programming language online for free.

The common question we get from the beginners of Python Programming Language is: “From where can I learn Python for free and that too just sitting in the home!”. And we give a common answer and that is; “Go search on Google or any other search engine and you will find a lot of resources available for free.” But, soon I realized, that beginners also face trouble with that part, not the part of searching but the part of which resources to choose and which to leave. So, in this article, I am going to discuss some online resources which I found that could be useful for beginners in case of learning Python. And these opinions are based on my perspective only, these are not any kind of facts! It means I am not saying anything like this that, these websites are best for learning or those are not. I will only discuss some of the online tutorials I found useful when I was a beginner in Python in January 2019. So, here you go…

Sololearn:I feel the tutorials of this platform are quite easy to understand and good for learning fast for beginners, especially in the case of Python. The best part of this platform is, they have the app available for mobile (Android, iOS). So, you can learn about using your mobile anytime & anywhere. Your progress is saved automatically and you can track how much you have learned and what else you have not done yet. All the tutorials of these websites are free till now. You just need to create an account and start learning. This is like a social media of programming learners. For more information, visit their website.

w3resources:This website also has a good collection of tutorials including Python. The basics of Python are illustrated in a good manner for beginners here. Moreover, they have a large collection of practice problems with solutions given. Visit their Python tutorials here.

w3schools: I like the w3schools website because I find it very interactive and precise in case of learning programming languages. They have basic Python tutorials along with the integration of databases like Python-MongoDB and Python-MySQL. Visit here.

Real Python:Here, you can find tutorials and other things related to Python only. They don’t feature other programming languages and you can understand it from their name easily. They have some paid and some free tutorials. As long as I have seen, most of the beginner level tutorials are free on their website. So, you can get beginner level knowledge from the free tutorials easily. Visit here.

Along with these platforms, there are a lot of other good platforms for learning Python free online like GeeksForGeeksTutorialspointStudytonightPythonspotetc. Also, you can find many good tutorial videos on YouTube. Even Microsoft has made a good collection of tutorial videos to help beginners on the YouTube channel Microsoft Developers.

In the end, I will say there is a huge amount of resources available online to learn the Python programming language for free. I have just mentioned a few of them which I found when I was learning Python as a beginner. But still, there are a lot of other good resources which I might not have mentioned here. If you want to learn Python, there is no reason to get worried as the internet is full of good resources. You just need to search the right one for you. Finally, a suggestion for beginners: “Choose the tutorial you find easy to understand and start learning; don’t follow anyone’s suggestions blindly, as we all have different ways of learning a new thing.”

Best wishes to everyone! Don’t stop learning and sharing!

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